Digital Technology Merit Badge

Hello Troop! Over the past few weeks we have worked diligently on the Digital Technology Merit Badge. However we can’t complete this badge completely online. I have duplicated the entire list of requirements below and noted which ones will have to be completed on your own.

How do you get credit? For some items you can simply send me an email. For some you need to contact me and schedule a video chat. Note that it is your responsibility to work through the remaining requirements, nobody is going to nag you / remind you to finish. 🙂

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2020 Northern Tier Opportunity

In case you missed the email, we have a limited number of spots open to travel with another local troop for a Summer 2020 Northern Tier opportunity. Since this troop is local, you would be able to join them for all of their practice camps and start to build up your crew relationships. If you would like more details, ask me (Dave) at any of the upcoming troop meetings.

They are heading out on July 4th and getting back home on July 15th.

There is also (conveniently) a sale going on at REI right now. If you spend $100 then you get a gift card for $20 good later. Considering that the boots you need for Northern Tier (they’re not standard hiking boots) run about $100, the timing is excellent!

REI Sale Details

Web Site Launch

Hi folks, we’re back online again. This was much more difficult than it was supposed to be. The troop was paying quite an expensive price to have our site hosted by a third party. In 2018 we moved our web site to a different host and we were in the process of reworking it to use a new platform (WordPress) when our domain expired. The original host still controlled the domain, and they refused to respond to emails, phone calls, or their own web contact form.

Earlier this year the domain finally and completely expired and I was able to register it under my own name, so this problem will never happen again.

First order of business is to get the troop mailing list set back up. I have the information used previously and will start there!